The Linnaeus Trails in Uppsala

The historical directions of the Herbationes Upsalienses have been developed by Linnaean Landscapes. The project is the result of a cooperation between Uppsala Municipality and Linnean Landscapes. Uppsala Municipality would like to thank the Linnean Society of London for donating the medallion on each trail marker along the trails, as well as Uppsala University Library, for providing Linnaeus' signature for the starting points.

Uppsala Municipality would also like to thank everyone who has contributed to the creation of the Linnaeus Trails;

The quest for Linnaeus secret hideaways

BiotopiaIdea, script for ”Call Linnaeus”, text ”The quest for Linnaeus secret hideaways”
Sofia BryntseWeb programming and photography
Jonas LundquistIllustrations ”The quest for Linnaeus secret hideaways”
UpplandsmuséetHistorical pictures at the mobile site
Uppsala universitetsbibliotekLinnaeus signature
Uppsala stadsarkivHistorical map
OnspotstoryFunctionality ”Call Linnaeus”
Rattfeldt Media, Laterna VoxSounds ”Call Linnaeus”
Linnean LandscapesHistorical facts

Walk in Linnaeus footsteps:

Sofie BlomgrenIdea, text and photography
Sofia BryntseWeb programming and photography
Björn TingströmPhotography
Mariette ManktelowText, idea and narrator
Mats WilhelmPhotography
Fibben HaldIllustration Linnaeus on excursion with students
Anette WixnerGraphic design medallion Gränby Linnéminne
Bernt NybergIllustration flower system Herbationes Upsalienses
Anna-Karin BrusIllustration mouse
Rolf JacobsonText
Hans OdööNarrator
Jan-Helmer GustafssonMaps, text
Barbra RosborgTranslation
Kjell RitzénSound recording and editing