Traditional Herbationes Upsalienses

If you want to go on a walk by the book, which is enriched with historical information about places and events, you should choose the Danmark, Gottsunda, Vaksala or Jumkil trails. The blue markers will lead you from the edge of the city out into the landscape. You may choose to walk one stage at a time, or take a full-day walk. Along the way there are also stories, which you can access through your mobile phone.


Treasure hunt

Do you want more of an adventure? For the Ultuna Trail, the Håga Trail, the Husby Trail and the Gamla Uppsala Trail, there are adventure folders on hand with a treasure hunt included. Pick up a folder at the starting point or at Biotopia. You can also download the folder, which can be found under each respective trail on the homepage.

In order to find the secret treasure you will need a GPS, which can also help you locate the different points along the way. If you do not have your own GPS, you can borrow one from Biotopia. Many modern mobile phones come with GPS. 

During your excursion on the Herbationes Upsalienses, you can have Linnaeus himself as your guide through your mobile phone. The telephone number can be found at the different connecting points, and will be charged as a regular call.

uPPSALAS lINNÉ trails: Eight trails to visit